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The Educational Opportunity Project gives users a way to explore and compare data from the Stanford Education Data Archive (SEDA).
Stanford Education Data Archive (SEDA)​
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The Educational Opportunity Project gives journalists, educators, policymakers and parents a way to explore and compare data from the groundbreaking Stanford Education Data Archive (SEDA), the first comprehensive national database of academic performance. The database is built from 350 million reading and math test scores from 3rd to 8th grade students during 2008-2016 in every public school in the nation. It also includes district-level measures of racial and socioeconomic composition, segregation patterns and other educational conditions.


The key part of the website is the 'Opportunity Explorer' - an interactive tool to generate charts, maps and downloadable PDFs to illustrate and compare data from individual schools, districts or counties. Beyond learning about their own school or districts, users can also find and learn from comparable communities with fewer inequities. For instance, superintendents concerned about the achievement gap between students of different race and ethnicity in their district could use the tool to identify other districts around the country that are similar in size and demographics but have smaller achievement gaps – and then reach out to leaders in those communities to find out about the practices and policies that have been effective.

The Opportunity Explorer in use at the Stanford Education Data Archive (SEDA)

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Interactive Scrollytelling

The website is regularly updated with interactive scrollytelling articles. These use data from the archive to highlight new learnings.