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Covid-19 Housing Policy Scorecard

This scorecard is a constantly-updated overview of states’ responses to the threat of eviction.
The Eviction Lab at Princeton
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Lead Designer
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Designing on the go

New data was constantly added while this was being designed and developed. The design had to be kept simple in order to accommodate changes down the road.

Progressive Disclosure

The scorecard contains data from thousands of emergency orders, declarations, and legislation. One interaction pattern I made use of in order to reduce complexity was progressive disclosure. As the design developed, I had to keep reorganising information to not overwhelm the user. In-depth explanations and advanced features were moved from the main page to individual state pages. Accordions were used to hide policies in order to allow the user to easily scan the list of states.


It was important to consider accessibility when designing so that users of all abilities could understand the content. I followed the WCAG 2.1 Level AA conformance requirements. A combination of text, colour and iconography were used to represent each policy as they are the most critical pieces of content (not relying on colour alone can aid understanding for users with colour-blindness and those who rely on text-only displays).

The impact

This tool has since become an essential reference used by journalists, policymakers, and the public to gauge the efficacy of their states' protections.

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