Sasha Zyryaev
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Data Visualization  /  UI  /  Visual Identity

Covid-19 Behind Bars

The website reports facility-level data on COVID-19 in the U.S. carceral context.
UCLA School of Law
Lead designer
With the amazing team at

The Spike Map

The spike map is a key visualization piece and provides a live overview of the U.S. Users can select different jurisdictions and rates for comparison.

State Data

The main goal of the MVP was to show overall state data and data for specific facilities within that state. The map and tables on the homepage act as the entry points and users can click on states to go to dedicated state pages.

MVP Site map

Social media posts

Alongside the website I designed social media posts to inform and tell a story through data. The drawings are by an inmate called Mark Loughney at Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, whose work I came across and reached out for permission.

Data driven posts